How we organise learning

School timetables

Our timetables are created to maximise learning and ensure that all students receive the well-balanced experiences that are vital to children. They include: 

  • Maths, reading, writing, science, history and social studies incorporated into the daily schedule.
  • A specialist class once every week in art and music.
  • Two physical education classes every week, including swimming lessons and the use of a sports facility in the heart of London.
  • Daily time periods to play outside with friends in our playground and in the park.
  • Spanish or Mandarin language learning. 

Our programme of learning

Learning at ICS is organised according to the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme curriculum. This is a research-based curriculum that draws on current trends in education and on how children’s brains learn.

ICS provides an exciting and stimulating environment for all students. Children are assessed regularly to ensure that they are provided with the appropriate learning opportunities. We are experts at challenging more able students and providing the necessary support for students with different learning needs.