Policies, guides and reports

Academic Integrity Policy (pdf)

Accessibility Statement and Plan (pdf)

Admissions Policy (pdf)

Assessment and Reporting Policy (Secondary) (pdf)

Assessment (Primary) Policy (pdf)

Attendance and Absence Policy (pdf)

Behaviour and anti-bullying - secondary (pdf)

Code of Pofessional Conduct 2018 (pdf)

Curriculum Policy (pdf)

Data Protection (pdf)

Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking - Policy and Sanctions (pdf)

Early Years Policy (pdf)

Equal Opportunities Policy (pdf)

First Aid Policy (pdf)

Food Policy (pdf)

Health and Safety Policy - Intent, Organisation and Arrangements (pdf)

ICS Complaints (pdf)

ICS Global Classroom Policy (pdf)

ICS Privacy Notice (pdf)

ICT and Online Safety (pdf)

Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy (pdf)

Primary School Supervision of Students (pdf)

Risk Management and Assessment (pdf)

Safeguarding Organogram 2018 -2019 (pdf)

Safer Recruitment (pdf)

Secondary School Supervision of Students (pdf)

Social, Emotional, Behaviour Policy - Primary (pdf)

Student Support Admissions Procedure (pdf)

Teaching Policy (pdf)

Whole School Inclusion Policy (pdf)

Whole school policy for safeguarding, including child protection (pdf)

Whistleblowing Policy (pdf)


Parents absent from the home form (pdf)

Student leave of absence request form (pdf)


PYP curriculum guide (pdf)

IB MYP Curriculum Guide 2018-19 (pdf)

IB Diploma Curriculum Guide 2018-19 (pdf)


Primary Parent Handbook 2018-19 (pdf)

Secondary Parent Handbook 2018-19 (pdf)


At ICS, we are accredited by several agencies and education authorities. These agencies include the British Council (2012, 2014, 2016), the International Baccalaureate, the Ofsted Progress Inspection Report (2016) and Full Report (2014) as well as the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

IB Diploma Results

View our 201520162017 and 2018 IB Diploma exam results.