Primary results

Results from the 2016 International Schools Assessment, the annual test which measures Year 4-6 academic performance around the world, show ICS students exceeding averages across all subjects.  

Over 40,000 students from more than 40 countries took part in the two-day assessment, which tests students’ general abilities in reading, writing and mathematics.

  • In reading, three-quarters of ICS students scored higher than the global average score, with 85% of Year 6 students scoring higher than the average.
  • In maths, over half of ICS students scored higher than the average. Year 6 students scored on average 9% above the average.
  • In writing, Year 4, 5 and 6 scores were all higher than the average. Over three-quarters of Year 4 students scored above the average and Year 6 students scored on average 14% higher than the average.

Liz McLaughlin, ICS Primary Principal, said: “I congratulate students for their enthusiasm and dedication, and also our hard-working, inspirational staff. These results show where we are excelling as a rigorous IB PYP school. They will also form the basis for our academic planning for the coming year.”

The test results are of particular merit as ICS has a unique student population when compared to other international schools. ICS accepts students with a wide range of English language abilities and is an inclusive school for students with special education needs.

Liz said: “With the appropriate support all students take part in the ISA, and we’re proud to see their efforts reflected in our assessment results.”