Secondary results

In 2016, ICS achieved a DP average of 34 points. This followed a DP average of 35 points in 2015. Both scores are well above the global IB average of 29.88, placing ICS among the UK's top schools. 

This year: 

  • Fifteen students completed the two-year Diploma Programme
  • 93% of students passed (14 out of 15), with a 35-point average
  • The highest score was an exceptional 44 (out of a possible 45)

The strong results mean passing students will be able to accept offers from their first-choice universities around the world, which include London School of Economics, Boston University, IE University, Northwestern University and Oxford University.

Several graduates were also awarded scholarships with significant financial benefits.

Rose Threlfall, Head of School, said:

“We are thrilled. The two-year IB Diploma Programme is highly valued by the world’s universities because it is a highly challenging programme. It requires unwavering commitment and focus. These results represent not just our students’ best efforts, but also the support and guidance of their families and our world-class teachers.”