Accommodation and Transport

See below for details on our host family, airport transfers and door-to-door minibus service.


ICS’s homestay services are provided by an accommodation agency that is inspected by the British Council for child-only accommodation.

  1. The minimum age for unaccompanied children in homestay is 11 years old.
  2. Hosts are chosen only after a strict application process, inspection and police checks.
  3. Homes are in London travel Zones 2 and 3, with an average journey of 30–45 minutes to school on public transport.
  4. Hosts speak English in the home.
  5. Homestay accommodation includes breakfast and evening meal every day and lunch or packed lunch at weekends. Weekday lunches are included in course fees and provided at school.
  6. Learners under the age of 14 staying in homestay accommodation must use our school bus service.


  • Single Host Family (Age 11-15) = £280 per week (Sunday to Saturday)
  • Twin Host Family (Age 11-15) = £245 per week (Sunday to Saturday)
  • Single Host Family (Age 16-17) = £235 per week (Sunday to Saturday)
  • Twin Host Family (Age 16-17) = £225 per week (Sunday to Saturday)

Transport to and from school

Learners can come to school with their family, independently (if at secondary school, and permission is given) or via the ICS school bus. This service is provided by our year-round transport provider, ensuring safety and reliability.


  • Bus pick up and drop off = £75

Airport transfers

Airport transfers can be booked in advance through the school. Taxi drivers met students once they have picked up their luggage. Drivers wait with the students during check in for students who are 15 years of age or under.


  • Transfers arrival = £115
  • Transfers departure = £220
  • Transfers departure (16+) = £115