About to Start?

Whether you're a student about to start at ICS London, or the parent/guardian of a new starter, there are a few things to arrange and get familiar with ahead of the first day at school.

Be Informed

ICS London is dedicated to providing the best educational opportunities for all students, and the involvement of parents and guardians is key to delivering on that promise.

We recommend that all new students and their parents/guardians get to know our policies around areas such as:

  • expectations (of students, staff and parents)
  • behaviour
  • punctuality and attendance
  • homework
  • safeguarding
  • online safety
  • plagiarism

This information and more can be found in the school's parent handbooks.


Students' educational progress is tracked using the ManageBac system, which allows parents, teachers and students access to homework assignments, student reports and more.

Login information is provided to all students and parents/guardians upon starting at ICS London.

Get Equipped

Depending on which educational programme a student is starting, they are welcome to bring certain equipment to use in the classroom.

Students in the Secondary programmes (MYP and IBDP) bring in their own laptops or tablets on which to work, while students in the higher years of the MYP, and all IBDP students, are expected to bring an advanced calculator.

The school can advise on which specific models of laptop/tablet/calculator to bring, so they can be used in exams where applicable.

Students in class
Two students in class

What Students Wear

Students in the Secondary programmes can choose what they wear but are expected to adopt a 'smart-casual' style. Students on the Primary site are required to wear an ICS London top, and may wear their own choice of trousers or skirt. All students must wear appropriate attire for physical education lessons and bring a suitable swimming costume and towel for swimming lessons (goggles and swim caps are optional).

For Primary students we recommend labelling all student clothing, as it makes it much easier to return lost items to their owners.

Arrange Transport

Parents and guardians are welcome to bring students to, and collect them from, school each day. An optional bus service operates within certain zones, offering door-to-door transport solutions for students of all ages. If you'd like to make use of the bus service, please contact admissions at admissions@ics.uk.net.

What Do We Need To Know?

Prior to starting at ICS London, please let us know any specific information that will help us provide the educational experience you expect. This might include:

  • important medical information (and any medicines)
  • details of students' registered doctor/GP
  • up-to-date contact information for parents/guardians
  • formal notice of any planned parental absences during the school year
  • details of any special educational needs or linguistic challenges

If you're unsure of anything or have any questions about preparing to start at ICS London, please feel free to contact the school directly.