Remote Learning at ICS London

At ICS London, our approach to remote learning has become more than simply providing lessons online via Zoom.  Our senior leadership team and teachers have worked tirelessly to plan and implement a highly engaging and quality remote learning programme for all our students from 3-years to 18-years old.

We fully understand the challenges that parents have in balancing home working and having children studying at home online.  Equally, we understand that our remote learning programme needed to balance the amount of screen time with a healthy balance of activities offline.  

Our full-time remote learning experience works to ensure that all the curriculum subjects are well supported and delivered online. 

Our programmes are delivered in numerous ways to support student learning including live classroom lessons on Zoom, pre-prepared lessons and online resources and activities that gets students working on activities and projects offline as well.

Our Digital and Connected Classroom

Our whole school is truly connected through various digital platforms that students have used on campus and now at home; including Google Classroom, ManageBac and SeeSaw. These platforms are designed for students, teachers and parents to access the curriculum, post assignments and keep everyone informed.

As a result, all students can access their school work and feedback on any device, wherever they are. Aside from improving efficiency and organisation, it gives them the important experience of working in a digital environment which is more akin to the future needs at university and in the workplace once they leave ICS.

All our primary school students from Year 3 are given a 1:1 Apple iPad tablet and our secondary students use their own device to connect to our remote learning provision.

Remote Learning

Our Online Learning Experiences:

Turning lessons into learning adventures! Students create avatars and through completing tasks online they gain Gold pieces to buy accessories/powers and gain XP to challenge Bosses in battles of knowledge. This platform has been used to teach MYP3 about Trigonometry using the road map of the “game”; and the Pythagoras’ Theorem within the story line so far... 

Legends of Learning 
Students in MYP3 have used online games on Legends of Learning to learn about photosynthesis. This game uses stories, animations and videos to set problems relating to photosynthesis that the students need to resolve by completing tasks to establish which parts of a plant carry out each function of the process and identify the chemical equation for it before applying prior knowledge to balance it.

Remote Learning - PE

Online Pastoral Support 

We fully appreciate that many students and families within our community have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and we felt it important that our educators continuously deliver pastoral meetings online to support the welfare of all our students.  

We understand the importance of community and keeping our students connected online; maintaining social and emotional relationships is just as important as the academics.  We ensure that time is planned within the busy time table to just connect and have fun online.

Likewise, we continue to hold our weekly Primary & Secondary assemblies online via Zoom to ensure that we still celebrate our student success stories and achievements.  This is just another great way to connect all our students together online.

Online After School Clubs

Fencing - After School Club

We genuinely feel it is important to keep our After School Clubs running, even online. This is a great way for our students to relax and catch up with their friends online that goes beyond the online classroom.  Thanks to our teachers’ and Learning Support Assistants’ engagement, we have been able to offer our students a variety of clubs including:

  • Chess
  • Yoga
  • Bookclub
  • Frantic Fitness and Physical Challenges
  • Green Team
  • Arts and Crafts
  • STEM
  • Model United Nations
  • Student Council
  • Creative Writing  
  • Fencing Classes by British & European Champions Inspiron Sports 
  • Just dance! 

Continuous Review
The school leadership team continuously reviews and adheres to the latest Public Health England and Department for Education (DfE) guidelines to ensure the safety of our entire school community is upheld and adhered to.  When the decision is made to return to on campus learning, we will still prioritise student, faculty and staff health, safety, and wellbeing, going above and beyond the government safety protocols.

Staff Training - Remote Learning

Our teachers and LSAs are continuously taking all the opportunities possible to provide our students with the best online education by participating in various training sessions. 
Here are some examples of the different type of training our staff members receive to improve their online teaching skills:

  • Timesaving tips & tricks for Distance Teacher: teachers can now upcycle their teaching presentations quickly and easily to create visually engaging, interactive presentations that they can use for years to come using Slides Carnival templates for engaging resources, Chrome extensions to save time, and PearDeak for interactive tasks.
  • Google Classroom tools: they learned how to use some of the features of Google Classroom to assist in organising classes and resources and in assessing work using third-party add-ons.
  • Using Screencastify, a video/audio-recording tool to enhance teaching and learning that can help with delivering instructions, feedback, differentiation, assessments, boosting engagement, finding an alternative to digital, making thinking visible and saving time.
Remote Learning Teacher Training