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Apply at any time throughout the year

New students may join at any point during the school calendar, and we do all we can to ensure each new member of the community feels welcome and makes the most of their time at ICS London.

When a student first applies to join us, we go through every element of their application carefully to ensure we fully understand their educational background and determine which classes would be most suitable to join.

After an applicant has filled out and submitted their application via OpenApply, our Admissions team will get in touch to ask and answer any relevant questions. While admission to ICS London will not depend on any formal academic requirements, we want to make sure we have the best possible understanding of every applicant's abilities and interests, as well as any areas where they may require some extra tuition, resources or time.


A secondary student studies on campus

English Ability and Help Learning English

Classes at ICS London are taught in English, therefore it is essential that before a student begins their educational journey with us, we are fully aware of their English language ability.

During the admissions process, we will ask applicants to undertake a short test designed to gauge these abilities, but please don't be nervous; most students at ICS London are multilingual, and rest assured we don't expect students to speak flawless English from their first day!

Through a partnership with a language school, we are able to help organise home tuition for students, or their families, who wish to receive additional support in learning English. Our Student Support department also boasts several Speech and Language Therapists, who can help address any language or communication needs in students of all ages.