French After-School Programme


Starting in September 2017, we offer a French programme based on our tried and tested method for children of French mother tongue, in different formats:

  • A Holiday Programme
  • An After-School & Saturday School Programme

Our programme allows students to improve their French language skills, whatever educational setting they are currently in, by offering a French-language curriculum. Our programme lays the groundwork for the successful re-integration of your children into French schools upon their return to France. Our programmes cover all the content and concepts particular to the French curriculum ranging from equivilent year groups, 3rd to 6th year.

See our French course excerpts:

3rd 4th 5th – 6th




At the beginning of each programme, a language level test will allow teachers to propose a personalized programme for each student based on the Hattemer Academy curriculum.

Our teachers are able to manage several age groups. Depending on the enrollment, students will be grouped according to their level of proficiency in the French language. For the other subjects of the French curriculum, we will study the content on a case by case basis.


Our Holiday French Programme

Duration: From 1 to 4 weeks (complete program in 4 weeks)

When: During the London school holidays

  • In the morning: 3 hours of classes (15h/week) from 9h to 12h
  • "French outing" option in the afternoon on themes such as the history of France in London
    (+ 15h/week) from 1pm to 4pm (lunch is provided within the school)

Our prices

Holiday School Programme Number of weeks
1 2 3 4
  Number of hours 15h 30h 45h 60h
Morning 15h per week £360 £680 £990 £1,290
(lessons + trip)
30h per week £720 £1,360 £1,980 £2,580


Our After-School & Saturday School Programme

Two French Language class options «as in France» exist:

  • After-School: 1h30 on weekdays
  • Saturday School: 3h on Saturday mornings

Our prices

«As in France» Afterschool Per quarter Per year
  Number of hours 15h 45h
Per child 1h30 per week £330 £990
«As in France» Saturday School Per quarter Per year
  Number of hours 30h 90h
1st child 3h per week £590 £1,770
2nd child 3h per week £530 £1,590
3rd child 3h per week £490 £1,470


Download our brochure.

Find the programme's details in French on Hattemer Academy's website.



In France:

Hattemer Academy

76 rue Saint Lazare

75009 PARIS

Tel: + (33) 1 40 82 77 80  


In London: 

ICS (International Community School)

Star Street


Tel:  + (33) 7 54 82 27 68