International student learns about her native country from London

Identity as a theme in art has a powerful history. One of our art students explored her own identity for her final diploma show.

She began by exploring the work Yinka Shonibare. Yinke takes 18th century paintings and reinterprets their meaning in installations. In this work drawn from Fragonard, he dresses the figures in African costumes. However he makes the costumes in Europe.

For international students, living in London is an intermingling of ideas. Our student expressed this in her art. She took the national flower of South Africa, the protea, and turned it into a crown.

ICS London Parents' Facebook Group

We have set up a Facebook page for ICS London Parents to share resources, sell/swap goods, and ask questions of other parents in our international community. Find us on Facebook and request to join.

This group is private, so only members can see posts and information. Also, if you have any experience being an Administrator for a FB group, please let us know, we'd love your help to make it as successful as possible!

International Food Day

This week ICS hosted International Food day. The event brings our London community together to celebrate dishes from the world. Understanding cultural differences is a key part of international life. And food goes to the heart of many traditions. It is a huge part of childhood and we enjoy this event every year.

Fun Fact: The tablecloth in Ethopia can be eaten as part of the meal. The injera is a flatbread placed over the stump of a tree. The food goes in the middle. Diners tear off some bread to pick up the meats and dip into the pulses. The meal is over when the last of the bread is finished!