middle years Preparation programme



✔ The Middle Years Preparation Programme (MYPP) is ideal for students who want to join the Middle Years Programme (MYP) but who have an insufficient level of English

✔ Students will work with qualified and experienced EAL (English as an Additional Language) teachers

✔ MYPP is designed for students aged 11-13 years who wish to then join MYP1 - 3 once they have improved their English

✔ Students may join the class for as little as a term - depending on their progress - and then they will transition directly to the appropriate MYP class

✔ Students will study the full range of MYP subjects including Maths, English, Science, PE, Humanities, etc.

ICS has a long history working with students learning the English language who then find themselves studying through the language for the first time, a situation which can often arise at secondary level. 

For the academic year 2018-19, ICS Secondary is offering students who do not have a sufficiently strong command of English both the opportunity and the support to be able to join the full curriculum IB Middle Years Programme.

Students will follow a specifically designed Middle Years Preparation Programme (MYPP) which is unique, supportive and inclusive and will pave the way for English language learners (ELLs) to access the full curriculum as quickly and successfully as possible.

The MYPP will link the English language work that the students will do to the full curriculum so that learners are confident and able to make a smooth transition into their respective year groups.

Our teachers are trained and are experienced in teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL) and use a range of EAL teaching approaches.

Age and English level

Learners in the MYPP will be aged 11 – 13 years (IB MYP 1 – 3 age) with an English level between Elementary and Pre- intermediate (A2 on the CEFR) and will have the chance to take part in enjoyable but challenging learning while improving their English. This programme is not designed for beginner speakers of English.

Entry and Assessment

Prior to enrolment, students will complete a SKYPE or face-to-face interview with one of our EAL specialists to ascertain their current English proficiency level.

On enrolment, learners will be assessed for English, Mathematics and Science to identify areas of need and the teaching will target these areas for improvement. Modified IB MYP criteria will be used for assessment throughout the course.

Fees for this course are charged at the same rate as the MYP 1, 2 and 3 programmes.

We offer rolling admissions for this programme, meaning that we accept applications all year round and students may start school at any point in the academic year (subject to availability).

Transition to Mainstream Classes

Learners will remain in this class for the whole duration of the first term (except where students have made rapid progress in English). In December, students will be re-assessed and those who are deemed to have reached a desired level in English will transition into their age appropriate MYP class.

In the second term learners will be assessed before the February half term and at the end of the term with a view to moving them to IB/ MYP classes.

Each student will ‘graduate’ out of the MYPP programme when they can demonstrate the necessary fluency for participation in the School’s IB MYP programme. This may take anything from one term to the whole school year. ICS teaching professionals will make this decision using a combination of assessment strategies and discussion with each individual student.


Student will sit an appropriate English Language examination from the Cambridge ESOL suite of exams when they are ready to do so. These examinations will be taken in December, March or June.

If students ‘graduate’ into the IB MYP programme as a result of successful completion of an examination and coursework, we may still require additional EAL classes to be taken to ease the transition. These classes will be charged at an extra charge (as per Mother Tongue fees).

Subjects and Sample Timetable

The main focus of the MYPP will be English language improvement, therefore a large portion of the timetable will focus on delivering English lessons. The timetable will also include Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Creative Arts and Physical and Health Education (PHE). Students in MYPP will also have a Personal Development session where they will learn about topics such as Assertive Communication, Diversity, Bullying, Mental Health, Identity, British and UN Values and Relationships.

Have a look at our sample timetable here