Our Globeducate Family

Globeducate is one of the leading international K12 education groups in the world, a network of 55+ premium bi-lingual and international schools, as well as online programmes, educating 28,000 students in nine countries.

ICS London creates opportunities to connect with students from Globeducate schools across the world to come together, in person or online, for sport, music, arts, academic challenges and to work with others to help build a more equal, fair and sustainable world. Globeducate teachers inspire students to find their voice in this world. They encourage them to understand world events and to think about their values and what is important to them, and to challenge ignorance and intolerance.

Globeducate's mission "is to prepare each student to become a global citizen who can shape the world."

As a member of the Globeducate family, we believe that young people will only succeed in the world of tomorrow if they are prepared for the challenges they will face. The world is changing at an incredible pace and education has to keep up with this constantly shifting environment. In addition to providing an excellent academic education, we ensure that our students develop skills and abilities beyond the purely academic and lay down a solid, values-based foundation for life. ​

Globeducate – Four key principles​

Globeducate's educational vision is based on four fundamental principles:

Watch this short film explaining Globeducate's mission to address the social, economic and environmental challenges that are re-shaping our communities across the world.​

2030 Global Agenda

Our Globeducate Agenda underwrites the United Nations 2030 Global Sustainable Development Goals and, through our key partnerships, our global project unites our students and teachers from around the world to partake in active discussions and to make an impact on the future, shaping the world.



The first international schools group to partner with WWF

Our global partnership with leading conservation charity WWF sees us collaborating across the school network. With the WWF having played a key role in identifying the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, it is a natural partnership for Globeducate.  ​

Working closely with the WWF Education Team, all Globeducate schools have a calendar of events and learning opportunities.  The WWF supports Globeducate by sourcing inspirational speakers and experts and offers unique opportunities for these events. Additionally, Globeducate works closely with the WWF in providing teacher training in sustainability education.

“It is truly inspiring to see the huge amount of work Globeducate schools around the world do to prioritise sustainability and work for the good of the planet. Their imaginative ideas show the passion and commitment there is across the network and it is clear that Globeducate are inspiring and empowering a wave of young environmental leaders.” 
Matt Larsen-Daw, WWF Education Manager​.

Action-based learning: Globeducate and Eco-Schools

Eco-Schools is the world's largest sustainability education programme and it offers an accessible framework for schools.  Globeducate schools are all committed to being Eco-Schools and to achieving and retaining Green Flag status.

In ICS London, our students and teachers work with their Eco-School committees and come up with inspiring ways to mark globally recognised eco events such as Earth Hour, Earth Week and Earth Day. These days unite our whole Globeducate family as our students and teachers from across different age groups and cultures share what they have done with their contemporaries and families. ​

Globeducate Events

Globeducate schools across the world join together for a series of annual international events.​

These events are organised into three areas:​

  • Globeducate Events (Six global events)​

  • Globeducate Agenda (WWF, Eco-Schools, Debates)​

  • Globeducate Learning Communities ​(Outdoor Learning, Reading, STEAM)​

This approach allows everyone to see how different events link to create the best possible experiences for our students all over the world. It also allows us to build on the fantastic work that our schools are doing with programmes such as Eco-Schools and to celebrate success across the group and to inspire each other.​