Why ICS London?

Education. We make it personal.

You are your experiences. So, why not choose an education that is tailored to your child’s unique potential?

At ICS London, we strive to create a home from home for students. It’s a welcoming environment where the whole community comes together to shape students into well-rounded people.

Our community of passionate and attentive educators take a personalised approach to teaching and learning. From the moment our students start their journey with us, we’re here to guide them at every stage.

What makes our school unique?

Welcome home

From the moment they walk through the door, our students are welcomed into the supportive ICS London family.

Nurture is in our natureBeing immersed in a nurturing community of staff and peers gives students the personal approach they need to grow academically and develop as global citizens

World in a classroomICS London embraces the rich multicultural tapestry of London and weaves global perspectives into a unique classroom experience.

Partners in learningBy viewing learning as a collaboration, we build strong bonds that encourage the sharing of ideas.

Unique journeysGiven no two learning journeys are the same, our personalised approach draws out students’ unique strengths, as they carve out their path to success.

Education that goes furtherThanks to Globeducate, students can access learning beyond the classroom, from extra-curricular activities and exchange programs, to competitions, conferences and workshops.

Our Values

Drawing of family


From the moment students and parents enter our
school, we make them feel at home. All our parents and students describe the school as an extended family. Our approach facilitates communication between teachers, students and parents, and allows for a successful transition from primary to secondary. This leads the community-driven way in which we interact with the school’s partners and the wider world.

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Our students achieve excellence through exploration of their passions, strengths and the world. Our holistic approach aims to build personal confidence as well as academic achievement. As a result, we develop well-rounded students who are creative thinkers, problem solvers and natural communicators.

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Our location, in the heart of London, means we embrace multicultural values. This, combined with our international outlook, gives the school a unique perspective that brings rich cultural influences into every classroom. We are open-minded and encourage connections across cultures to prepare our students to become global citizens.

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At ICS London, we are a community of learners. That’s why we take a personalised approach to students’ education. By nurturing each student, we help them unlock their hidden talents. Thanks to our bespoke approach, we’re able to drive personal development by focusing attention on getting the best from every one of our students.