Summer School

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Learn English at ICS London

Since ICS London opened a Summer School in 1979, over 50,000 students have benefited from our English language tuition.

Today we offer a collection of flexible holiday programmes which will help each of our students to improve their English language, confidence and skills in a friendly, fun and safe environment. There are two programmes from which to choose:

How We Teach

We take a learner-centred approach which develops core skills such as teamwork, responsibility, problem-solving and critical thinking. We make classes fun to motivate students and believe that this helps them become inquisitive, independent learners.

All our programmes develop learners’ confidence through age-appropriate themes and activities, a learning-centred approach and collaborative experience.

Practise and Learn English in London

We aim to provide learners with authentic opportunities in which to practise their language skills, such as:

  • Conversation in social situations
  • Questionnaires and quizzes in school and on trips
  • Problem-solving as a team
  • Using English outside the classroom
Summer School Active English students have a group photo

The English School The English School Experience for students, aged 3-17

Active English for students with intermediate or advanced English abilities, aged 14-17

“My time at the ICS Summer School has been great. I have met many people from all over the world and have made some incredible friends. I have learnt many new interesting things and have worked on some terrific projects. I feel thankful towards all the staff and I hope to come back one day.” Jouri

I’ve been coming to ICS for six years, and each time I have had a great time and learned a lot of English.

I really liked that each week we did a trip, this is different to other schools. I love this school and don’t want to leave!

Class English Level – Developing Together

Learners arriving on their first day will complete a placement test. This is to find out what each student knows, what they want to learn and what interests and motivates them. We place students in a class at an appropriate level where they will feel comfortable yet challenged to develop their language skills. Learners are also placed according to their age, to ensure that all children are at the same stage cognitively.

Measuring Progress

Younger learners are monitored and assessed by teachers through informal observation. Students aged 8+ are given a weekly progress test in the form of a game or quiz to help them understand how much they have learnt. It allows the teachers to evaluate who is ready to move to a more challenging level, or requires further support.

All students receive a certificate and report upon completion of their course.

Our Teaching Teams

Teams are made up of qualified, appropriately experienced staff, and feature a combination of subject and language specialists. Staff have age-specific teaching qualifications and experience. We are proud of our international teams who can teach and model language accurately to help all learners in their language development.