Active English

Where better to practise speaking the English language than in London? This course increases comprehension and fluency through promoting the use of English in everyday conversation.

Each week is designed around a different theme, such as Technology and Innovation, or Art & Culture. Focused input in a classroom setting during morning sessions prepares students for afternoon trips that extend those themes developed earlier in the day. Find out more about our Active English excursions.

Students can select the week with the theme that most interests them. With four different themes, there are a range of opportunities to explore London while being immersed in an English-speaking environment.

My time at the ICS summer school has been great. I have met many people from all over the world and have made some incredible friends. I have learnt many new interesting things and have worked on some terrific projects. I feel thankful towards all the staff and I hope to come back one day.


EXplore london

The Programme

As well as discovering popular – and some less well-known – London sites, students will have plenty of opportunities to master a new language and develop their meta-cognitive skills.

Monitoring their own progress, planning tasks and developing questioning skills – including soft skills such as problem solving, team work, decision making and emotional intelligence – help students comprehend and determine their own approach to learning. To the right is an overview of the programme with 2021 specific details to be announced shortly.

Dates: 28 June - 13 August 2021
Course length: 1-4 weeks
Age: 14-17 years
Cost : £625 per week
Accommodation: Not provided.

Class size: 15-20 students
Teacher to student ratio = minimum 1 : 15


English level on entry: All levels
Hours of English per week: 27.5
Classes: Monday to Friday

Location: Star Street

Thematic Learning

Each week's lessons focus on a particular theme, such as culture, history, commerce, or the environment. Students take part in a variety of fun yet challenging activities, focusing on interactions with native English speakers to develop and test their skills.

Lessons end with a review, in which the class considers linguistic learning opportunities from the day.

Confidence in Speaking

Students’ independence grows as they gain confidence in the English language and in their knowledge of London. In addition, they develop deeper critical thinking skills, such as an improved ability to ask questions, research, analyse and evaluate.

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