Care and Wellbeing

A parent’s primary concern is always the health, safety and wellbeing of their child. At ICS London we have created the Summer School programmes to ensure all lessons and excursions keep safety front of mind.

'Pastoral care' is the term we use to describe all aspects of the health, safety and welfare of students at ICS Summer School. It means that the adults at the school are committed to supporting not only the academic learning taking place, but also the personal, social and emotional development of each student.

Our job is to keep students safe, healthy and happy while promoting their interpersonal, intrapersonal, cultural and communication skills. Our staff members take the time and make the effort to get to know each student as an individual.

Students enjoying nursery class at Summer School

Our Teachers

Teachers have qualified teacher status (QTS) and experience in their subject area, while English language teachers have, at a minimum, a CELTA qualification with experience in teaching young learners.

ICS London is a year-round school and many of our staff join our summer programmes, bringing the benefit of their extensive experience and expertise. We are also joined by regular specialist summer teachers.

How We Teach

Teamwork, responsibility, problem solving and critical thinking skills are at the heart of learning. All our English language programmes aim to develop students’ confidence in English through age-appropriate themes and activities, a learner-centred approach and collaborative play.

We aim to provide students with authentic opportunities to practise their English, such as:

  • Socialising with friends at break time
  • Carrying out questionnaires around the school
  • Problem solving as a team
  • Using English outside of the classroom

Our team features a combination of subject and language specialists, with age-specific teaching qualifications and experience.

We are proud of our international teams, who can teach and model language accurately to help all learners in their language development.