English school experience

In our core programme for English learners aged 3-17, students accelerate their skills through inspiring activities and projects in a British school experience, enhanced through visits and excursions.

I love ICS because I have fantastic teachers and have made great friends.


The personalised approach to students made a lasting impression and motivated my son to engage and to improve his behavior. Excellent work!

Ishmael (parent)

The Programme

Each week focuses on a particular theme based around culture, history, commerce or the environment. The thematic nature of the course means students learn within a meaningful context and will not repeat the same lesson or excursion, no matter how long they stay. Below is an overview of the programme with 2021 specific details to be announced shortly.

Dates: 28 June - 13 August 2021
Course length: 1-7 weeks
Age: 3-17 years
Cost: £625 per week
Accommodation: Not provided. 

Class size: 15-20 students
Teacher to student ratio
3-4 years = minimum 1 : 6
5-7 years = minimum 1 : 8
8-9 years = minimum 1 : 10
10-13 years = minimum 1 : 15
14-17 years = minimum 1:15

English level on entry: All levels
Hours of English per week: 27.5
Classes: Monday to Friday    
Locations: Star Street and Wyndham Place

A Summer School for all ages

Nursery (ages 3-4) at Wyndham Place

The focus is on creative and play-based learning and the development of communication and social skills. Children use song, dance, drama, art and construction to improve language skills. 


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Lower Primary (ages 5-7) at Wyndham Place

Learners work through project-based activities to improve English language and communication skills. Weekly excursions in central London are related to the learning experience.



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Upper Primary (ages 8-9) at Star Street

Learners take part in discovery-led activities around communication skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Lessons and activities are linked to a weekly project. Weekly excursions in central London relate to the  area of study.

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Secondary Learners (ages 10-17) at Star Street

Students build confidence through projects and lessons which include group work, worksheets, questionnaires and research tasks. Weekly excursions in central London relate to the topics being studied.

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