Secondary (10-17 years)

Courses are open to students aged between 10-17  and will be at the Star Street campus. The main focus throughout the course is the development of ability, confidence and competence in the English language. Students develop through class projects and lessons including maths, science, design, drama and music, as well as English classes.

Active English students enjoy Kew Gardens during Summer School

Secondary Summer School Courses and Activities

Do you want to learn English by taking part in a street art workshop and tour with real artists? Express yourself through graffiti and visit some of the best street art in London.

Students work collaboratively and are encouraged to do their own research and take an inquiry-led approach, in order to develop strong independent learning skills. In maths there is a strong focus on numeracy and mental arithmetic, while in science students engage in exciting experiments such as building their own hot air balloons.

Projects and Excursions

Every Friday we use London as an educational resource. We go into the city to a place of interest to practise and develop language skills by interacting with the environment. Students develop their language through worksheets, questionnaires and research tasks. Sample venues and themes are to the right.

Active English students in class during Summer School
Week Example Venue Sample Theme
1 Science Museum The information age
2 Street Graffiti Tour London's urban art
3 RAF Museum The world of flying
4 Wetlands The importance of water
5 Royal Albert Hall The world of music
6 Globe Theatre All the world's a stage
7 Camden and Primrose Alternative London
8 Natural History Museum Natural disasters
9 British Design Centre The world of employment